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John Reischman and the Jaybirds – The Jaybirds fashion a stylish take on bluegrass that seamlessly blends original songs and instrumentals with Appalachian old-time music for a unique band sound. Bluegrass Unlimited calls John Reischman “one of the world’s undisputed masters” of the mandolin, famed for outstanding tone and taste. Many of his original instrumentals have become popular favorites. John began his career in the San Francisco Bay area in the early ’80s with the eclectic Good Ol’ Persons bluegrass band. He was an original member of the legendary Tony Rice Unit, a quartet renowned for its jazz-influenced, acoustic instrumentals. John moved to Vancouver in the early ’90s and in 1999 formed the Jaybirds. Other members of the Jaybirds are renowned guitarist Patrick Sauber, bassist and versatile lead singer Trisha Gagnon, banjoist Nick Hornbuckle (“downright spine-tingling” said the L.A. Daily News), and Greg Spatz, hailed by Fiddler Magazine as a “world-class bluegrass fiddler.” With seven acclaimed albums and two Juno nominations, the Jaybirds are simultaneously innovative and unadorned, sophisticated and stripped-down, happily old-fashioned and 21st-century contemporary.

Spencer and Rains – The husband wife duo of Tricia Spencer and Howard Rains are known for their distinct twin fiddling and close-knit vocal harmony. Both multi-instrumentalists, they are dedicated to the preservation, performance, and sharing of old-time music.


Adobe Brothers –The Adobe Brothers play a wide variety of acoustic music including bluegrass, Celtic, old-timey, Latin folk music, and western swing - a composite style they refer to as "international bluegrass." The Adobes are Jimmy Abraham, Wayne Shrubsall, Terry Bluhm, and Bruce Thomson – their humor and enthusiasm are contagious!

ATC String Band – Traditional American folk music that is played by students from the Academy for Technology & Classics in Santa Fe.  The group is taught and led by award-winning music teacher and musician Erik Carlson.

Atomic Grass – Based in Santa Fe, but established in Los Alamos in 1977, Atomic Grass is one of New Mexico’s longest-running bluegrass bands. The band’s repertoire includes traditional and modern bluegrass and country songs. Current members are Haywood Martin, mandolin (and occasional Cajun fiddle); Ron Hale, guitar; Phil Vergamini, acoustic bass; Monica Sweeney, clawhammer banjo; Frank Hoback, clawhammer banjo; and Tom Seibel, fiddle.


Bayou Seco – Bayou Seco's brand of Southwestern Chilegumbo - Cajun two-steps, waltzes, polkas and rancheras, chotis's, meringues and huapangos, and perhaps a broom dance - is cross-cultural and multi-lingual, transcending labels. Bayou Seco's roots are in the deep south and southwest, but their branches reach far across the world. Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie, the heart of this group, have been going strong since 1980.


David BerkeleyThe San Francisco Chronicle called internationally-known and Santa Fe-based David Berkeley a “musical poet”, songwriter and author capable of both breaking and mending the heart. He has won multiple songwriting awards and honors including ASCAP’s Johnny Mercer Songwriting Award. His wide-ranging repertoire covers a range from personal ballads to anthems. He will be joined by long-time musical partners, Karina Wilson and Susan Hyde Holmes.

Cheap Shots – An energetic acoustic band with an eclectic mix of old-time, Celtic, folk, bluegrass, country, blues, swing, and new-time (contra dance). Band members are Pat Aruffo, fiddle; John Brinduse, keyboard; Bill Balassi, guitar, mandolin; Peter Esherick, hammered dulcimer, mandolin; Erika Gerety, bass, vocals; Dave Para, guitar, banjo, vocals, leaf, and more.

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Fast Peso String Band - Now in their 42nd year, FPSB plays old-time fiddle tunes and songs from the Civil War era through 1920s as well as contemporary and original tunes. The band still consists of all the original members  – Gary Ashkin, fiddle; Bo Olcott, guitar; Tom Adler, banjo; Jim Hughes, fiddle; John Eddy, mandolin.  They perform locally and regionally at festivals, dances, community events, bars, and museums, have appeared in movies such as "Young Guns", "Seraphim Falls, and "Desperado: The Long Arm Of The Law”, and provided the soundtrack for "Fred Harvey and The American West”.

The Here and Now – Niamh Fahy, fiddle, voice; Chris Buckley, fiddle; Joseph Carmichael, guitar, voice; and Rob Forkner, bodhran create a rich and captivating sound that combines traditional Irish music with a contemporary sound. All accomplished musicians, the group has garnered national recognition for their exceptional talents and high energy as they draw on their worldwide backgrounds to keep Irish traditions at the heart of their music.


Holy Water and Whiskey – Bruce and Maggie Washburne, Scott Altenbach, and Amy Blackburn have always focused their music on tight harmonies, solid instrumentation, and beautiful a cappella songs. Bluegrass gospel, old folk songs, and original compositions give the group the musical balance and diversity beloved by music fans.

Lone Piñon – Lone Piñon plays music of the Rio Grande Valley from Northern Veracruz to Southern Colorado. Their repertoire spans different genres, encompassing high lonesome two-part harmonies and music played with the fire of traditional people. Using violin, accordion, guitar, quinta huapangera, guitarrón, upright bass and harmony vocals in Spanish, English, and Nahuatl, the group has revived and updated the Chicano string band style that once flourished in New Mexico, bringing a devoted and explosive musicianship to Northern New Mexican polkas and chotes, virtuosic Mexican huapango and son calentano, and classic borderlands conjunto. Band members are Jordan Wax, Tanya Nuñez, Santiago Romero, and Karina Wilson.

Wil Maring & Robert Bowlin - Wil Maring is an internationally-known singer-songwriter, guitarist, and bass player. She has performed across the world from Japan to Germany and has appeared at the Grand Ole Opry.  She performs with Robert Bowlin, a well-known Nashville session musician, virtuoso guitarist and fiddler (and an accomplished violin repairman).  Robert is also a Winfield guitarist winner and has performed with Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys.  Together they perform a wide range of music including their new approaches to traditional songs.

Mariachi Sonidos del Monte - Led by Santiago Romero, these eight talented musicians are the premier mariachis in Santa Fe. The group offers distinctive instrumentation and a varied repertoire, singing the songs of the origins of mariachi – machismo, love, betrayal, death, politics, and heroes.

Mystic Lizard – Staples in the bluegrass world for many years, the Albuquerque based four-member group has been entertaining Northern New Mexico for years. This collection of expert musicians is known for a wide range of bluegrass from traditional to boundary-stretching choices. Mystic Lizard is led by multi-instrumentalist Bob Goldstein, along with band members Bob Gray, mandolin; and special guest banjo player Ken Weddington of Higher Ground Bluegrass.

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Sevda Choir – The 16-member, Santa Fe-based singing group founded by Grammy-Award-winning singer Willa Roberts performs traditional songs from Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Black Sea region, and the Mediterranean. Their music features tight harmonies, vocal acrobatics, complex rhythms, and deep storytelling.

Robert Shlaer (Piobob) – Although only playing the pipes since 2010, Robert has been involved with music for decades. He plays the Great Highland bagpipes as a solo piper and with the Order of the Thistle Pipes and Drums.

Virginia Creepers – For 30 years, the Virginia Creepers have been playing lively, old-time tunes and songs that range from pre-Civil War to newer pieces in the old-time style. The Creepers are Rick Olcott, guitar; Laurie Phillips, mandola; Jane Phillips, fiddle; Marc Roberts, bass, banjo; and Michael Robert, fiddle.

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