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2024 Performers

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Special Consensus

With seven IBMA awards and two Grammy nominations, Special Consensus is a bluegrass band that has achieved a contemporary sound in over four decades of performing, making their music a modern classic. Special Consensus’ sound is grounded in a deep appreciation and understanding of bluegrass music, incorporating both the drive and harmonies of the traditional sound with the more contemporary sounds and repertoire of today. With the foundation of Greg’ Cahill’s unique banjo playing style and the vocal prowess of the 2023 IBMA Male Vocalist of the Year Greg Blake (guitar), Dan Eubanks (bass) and Michael Prewitt (mandolin), these musicians effortlessly support each other and consistently maintain their bluegrass center whether they’re playing a jazz-tinged instrumental or a song from any of their award-winning recordings. 

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Magnolia Sisters

The Magnolia Sisters are an all-woman band that plays many styles of southwest Louisiana Cajun French music. From dancehall Cajun to primitive Creole and from house music to front porch ballads, the body of the Magnolia Sisters' music has been gleaned from a long-buried wealth of Cajun jewels found in their extensive personal music archives. The members of the group are Ann Savoy, Jane Vidrine, Anya Burgess, and Lisa Trahan and each brings her own rich individual experience as a Louisiana musician, mother, and woman in the real world.

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Erynn Marshall & Carl Jones

Old-time musicians and inspired tunesmiths, Erynn and Carl – married in life and music - sing southern song-duets and play powerful fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and banjo tunes. Erynn learned the nuances of Appalachian old-time fiddling from visiting elder, southern fiddlers and through her love of archival recordings. Today she is known internationally for her traditional music. Carl is an American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is widely known and respected for his fine musicianship, charismatic teaching, instrumental talents and powerful songwriting about the joys and tribulations of day-to-day life in the South.

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Delta Sisters

The Delta Sisters, Frannie Leopold and Jeanie McLerie, have been singing together since 1974 when they met at Sweetsmill Camp in the high Sierras of California. Even though Frannie lives in Mendocino, CA and Jeanie in New Mexico, they manage to get together now and then to sing, play, laugh, and eat. Frannie is currently a member of the Todalo Shakers and some other local bands in her neighborhood. Jeanie plays with her partner Ken Keppeler with Bayou Seco which also includes many different players. They are thrilled to have this chance to sing and play for the TradFest audience!

Higher Ground Bluegrass

Recognized as a premier Bluegrass band in New Mexico, HGB is now venturing into their 25th year as a musical ensemble. Founded by "Duke" Weddington (banjo, guitar, vocals) in 1998, band members include Dave Devlin (mandolin, resophonic guitar), Pat Mahoney (fiddle, vocals), Laura Leach-Devlin (bass, vocals), and Ben Monroe (guitar, vocals). Performing original material penned by members of the group, the band also plays a variety of traditional and contemporary selections influenced by the American traditions of folk, bluegrass, Celtic, country, and rock 'n roll. HGB has been awarded five New Mexico Music Awards for their original music and served as the Host Band for the Southwest Pickers Annual Bluegrass and Traditional Music Festival, from 2017 to 2021. HGB extends boundaries with a superb blend and interpretation of Bluegrass.


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Trio CPR

Short for Carlos, Phil & Ryan–three friends doing what they love: making music. Carlos Medina, is from el Coruco, NM, a suburb of the Ribera metro area, located between Pecos and Las Vegas. Medina plays accordion and sings. Phil Fernandez and Ryan Cordova are from Taos, NM, both sing, Fernandez plays bass and Cordova, bajo sexto.

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ATC String Band

Traditional American folk music that is played by students from the Academy for Technology & Classics in Santa Fe. The group is taught and led by award-winning music teacher and musician Eric Carlson.

Natalie Padilla & Ben Winship

Born into a family of acclaimed folk musicians, Natalie Padilla was immersed in fiddle and classical violin at a very young age. She has grown into a musician of astounding depth as a performer, educator, composer, producer and recording artist, fluent in a wide variety of folk genres on various instruments. A two-time national fiddle champion, Natalie plays Texas-style, bluegrass, and traditional Irish fiddle as well as performing classical violin with various orchestras and ensembles.

Ben Winship is a self-made musician whose string band music is an exploration of crossroads - where raw meets refined, original meets traditional, weird meets familiar, organized meets free ranging. His routine is a constantly shifting mix of performing, recording, engineering, and teaching. Mandolin is Ben’s primary ax, but he is also a well-respected songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. 

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Mariachi Sonidos del Monte

Led by Santiago Romero, these talented musicians are the premier mariachis in Santa Fe. The group offers distinctive instrumentation and a varied repertoire, singing the songs of the origins of mariachi – machismo, love, betrayal, death, politics, and heroes.

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Duke City Swamp Coolers

A bluegrass band from Albuquerque, New Mexico otherwise known as the "Duke City", the band has been playing for more than twenty years. The Swampcoolers named themselves after the trustworthy evaporative air coolers that everyone in the dry desert southwest uses in their homes. Those things run day and night trying to cool the house down and they do have breakdowns which can also be a high-speed bluegrass barn burner. The band consists of an eclectic mix of professional people including among others a doctor, a former teacher, a pharmacist, a master historic home restorer, and a fellow who does something nuclear. Members include Anthony Smith on guitar, Bill DuFault on mandolin, Jon Bryan on banjo and ukulele, Kevin Cooper on bass, Grey Howell on the fiddle, and Gerry Szostak on dobro. The group has played many regional festivals and local venues as well as large private events.  

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Rumelia Collective

“Rumelia” comes from the word “Rumeli” meaning “Land of the Romans,” a Turkish word used to describe the Southern Balkan region. Loving the music of the Balkans and Mideast, as well as many other musical styles from around the world, the group weaves an intricate and mesmerizing blend of contemporary and traditional folk elements in their arrangements.

The music is unique to the western ear in that it uses odd time signatures and close harmonies, as well as eastern scales and tonalities. Rumelia Collective’s core repertoire is derived from traditional and popular tunes of Albania, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria, to name a few. 

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Lone Piñon

Lone Piñon plays music of the Rio Grande Valley from Northern Veracruz to Southern Colorado. Their repertoire spans different genres, encompassing high lonesome two-part harmonies and music played with the fire of traditional people. Using violin, accordion, guitar, quinta huapangera, guitarrón, upright bass and harmony vocals in Spanish, English, and Nahuatl, the group has revived and updated the Chicano string band style that once flourished in New Mexico, bringing a devoted and explosive musicianship to Northern New Mexican polkas and chotes, virtuosic Mexican huapango and son calentano, and classic borderlands conjunto. Band members are Jordan Wax, Tanya Nuñez, Santiago Romero, and Karina Wilson.

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Lightning Boy Foundation

Native Media Network: “The hoop is symbolic of ”the never-ending circle of life.” Throughout the summer, people gather around the Santa Fe Plaza to watch in awe as members of the Lightning Boy Foundation perform the Hoop Dance, weaving stories of how all life is connected. Founded in honor of “Lightning Boy” Valentino Tzigiwhaeno Rivera, a young talented hoop dancer who died from a spinal cord and brain injury sustained in a car accident, the Hoop Dance is a healing art form and young artists tell the story with native costumes and a multitude of sacred hoops that weave life tales through the use of symbols.

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Nuages Du Desert

Since 2019, this five-piece band from Durango CO has

been playing an eclectic amalgam of classic jazz, gypsy jazz, swing, and French cafe music. The band includes multi-instrumentalist John Reeve (keyboard), Rick “Quinny” Quinn (accordion), Pat Longmire (guitar), Scott Flory (bass), and long-time fiddle player, Don “Cookie” Cooke.

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Oscar Butler

Performing songwriter Oscar Butler, originally from the rural town of Greenville, NY, has transplanted his musical roots to the enchanting landscapes of Albuquerque, NM. Steeped in the rich traditions of singer-songwriters from the sixties and seventies, Oscar pays homage to the storytelling craft that shaped his musical sensibilities. Drawn to the transformative power of music, Oscar embarked on a creative odyssey inspired by the emotive prowess of his musical heroes. This journey has led to the inception of various musical projects, with each album serving as a testament to his evolving artistry. In the creation of his latest work, Oscar discovered that his creativity flowed like a river, infusing each track with a genuine and raw authenticity. Motivated by the profound connections formed when performing his originals, Oscar finds inspiration in witnessing his music touch the hearts of listeners, turning each performance into a shared and memorable experience that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

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