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Camp Stoney at Bishop's Ridge • 7855 Old Santa Fe Trail • Santa Fe, NM 87505

There is limited parking.  Please carpool if possible.


Camp Stoney Campus Restrictions

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Camp Stoney is a uniquely beautiful environment for a music festival, and we all work together to preserve and protect it, while making the festival an enjoyable experience.

  • NO OPEN FIRES: Fire safety is paramount in this forested area.

  • No smoking.

  • Sorry, NO PETS, other than certified service dogs.

  • Alcohol is prohibited by Camp Stoney and no alcoholic beverages will be sold.

  • Put away food at night; bears and other wildlife may be in the area.

For safety reasons, please park only in designated parking areas and camp only in designated camping areas. 

Consider your neighbors!  Please, do not run generators from 10pm - 7am.


Thank you for helping make Santa Fe TradFest a safe and special musical event!

First Aid Kit

- located at Instrument Check

Merch Tent

- closes at 9:00

Instrument Check

Lost & Found

- located at Instrument Check

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